Irish Dance Classes in South Dublin

Irish Dancing

Irish dancing can be categorised into three distinct forms; step,céilí, and sean-nos.

Scoil Rince Seoige teach step and céilí dancing.

Step dancing is a direct descendent of old-style step dancing. There are many forms of stepdancing in Ireland (including sean-nós dancing and old-style stepdancing), but the style most familiar to the people is the Munster, or southern form. Step and céilí dancing has been formalised by dance organisations, such as An Comhdháil for the purposes of competition.

Irish step dancing is primarily done in competitions, public performances or other formal settings. Most competitive dances are solo dances, though many step dancers also perform and compete using céilí dances.

Céilí dance may be performed with as few as two people and as many as sixteen.

Céilí dances may also be danced with an unlimited number of couples in a long line or proceeding around in a circle (such as in "The Walls of Limerick", "The Waves of Tory", "Haymakers Jig", "An Rince Mor" or "Bonfire Dance"). Céilí dances are often fast and some are quite complex ("Antrim Reel", "Morris Reel").

Dancers typically learn the "A" reel first. The reel is danced to a tune played in 4/4 time. 

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